Press Release: Web Video Generator 2.4 has been released

Press Release

S4BB Limited is proud to announce the final release of “BlackBerry® Web Video Generator 2.4″.

Besides the already supported models BlackBerry® Curve, BlackBerry® Pearl and BlackBerry® 8800 the BlackBerry® Web Video Generator now also supports all current models that are able to play video including the BlackBerry® 8130, BlackBerry® 8310, BlackBerry® 8820 officially.

The Web Video Generator 2.4 (for Palm® devices) has been updated as well and now supports the Palm® Treo 755p and Palm® Centro besides the previous Palm® mobile devices.

Both version come come with a fixed URL issue which caused some errors at the older version for some YouTube URLs. So you can again enjoy your YouTube videos on your mobile device.