ActionPad Beta 10 Available for Download

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ActionPad for BlackBerry - Unicode Support
ActionPad for BlackBerry® BETA 10 is now available for immediate download! We added some incredible new features and fixed some bugs that were reported by our fantastic beta testing crowd – kudos! More about ActionPad »

ActionPad Beta 10 Version Number is: 0.8.10

New Features:

  • Password verification.
  • Session password support.
  • Unicode support: Foreign language characters like Chinese, Japanese and others are supported now.

Bug fixes:

  • Encrypt » Cancel » Editing is no longer possible.
  • ENTER and ESCAPE now work as expected in encrypt & decrypt screens.
  • Startup bug on some devices fixed.
  • Remember position in memo list when editing is started with ENTER.
  • Encrypt and decrypt screens scroll when big fonts are used.
  • “Send to ActionPad” sometimes did not work.
  • and some more …

ActionPad v0.8.10 Beta 10: Free & Open Beta Test

MessageSchedule for BlackBerry released

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With MessageSchedule™ for BlackBerry® you can now schedule email and SMS messages to be sent at a certain time or date. It is also possible to schedule replies and forwards directly out of the BlackBerry® Messages as well.

Use MessageSchedule when you meet your Buddies!

Imagine … you are out this night drinking with your buddies but you do not want your loved ones to worry so you want to send them an “I miss you honey! It is so busy at work – I will be home soon. Love you!” SMS or E-mail later on. However because you are out drinking and having lots of fun, you might just forget to send the message. With MessageSchedule(TM), you can preset messages to be sent at the right time so you can have fun with peace in mind!

MessageSchedule for BlackBerry®

  • Create, view, edit and deleted scheduled SMS and E-mail messages.
  • Send an SMS or E-mail at a specified time.
  • Record the sizes and number of SMS and E-mail messages sent.
  • Keep track of the total cost of all SMS and E-mail messages which have been sent with MessageSchedule.
  • Schedule a reply or forward easily from the BlackBerry® SMS and E-mail application.
  • Create message templates for quick scheduling of previously scheduled messages.

More Information: » MessageSchedule™ for BlackBerry®
Instant Download: » MessageSchedule™ for BlackBerry®

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