New version Signal Booster available – Get the best possible signal!

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Signal Booster for BlackBerry Smartphones - Boost Menu
S4BB Limited proudly announces the release of the new version of Signal Booster; Signal Booster 2.0. The new version comes with some great improvements, making this easy to use app a must have for every BlackBerry® Smartphone owner.


  • Optimizes BlackBerry® radio usage
  • No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than everything else
  • Signal level shown in menu & can be accessed from any native or third party application
  • Improved stability & performance; up to 60% signal strength gain
  • Easy to use interface


  • All BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.6 and higher

More information: Signal Booster for BlackBerry® Smartphones

FlipSilent for FREE – flip your BlackBerry over for silence

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FlipSilent for BlackBerry Smartphones - Instructions
FlipSilent for BlackBerry® Smartphones from S4BB Limited is the ideal solution to the issue of silencing your phone.The idea is as brilliant as it is simple; flip your phone to turn it silent, when you want it back to normal, simply flip your phone back. That’s all, just like that!


  • Flip the phone to silent
  • Silences all incoming calls & messages
  • Flip the phone back to deactivate FlipSilent
  • Silence your phone with a cool gesture


  • BlackBerry® Storm I, Storm II and Torch running OS 4.7 and higher

More information: FlipSilent for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Contact LED Indicator – Assign a custom LED color to your contacts

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Contact LED Indicator - Color choice
See at a glance who’s call you missed with the Contact LED Indicator for Android Smartphones. This handy application allows you to select different LED colors for your contacts. Whenever you’ve missed a call you can see by the color of the LED indicator who called you last. You know now right away how important the call was.

Contact LED Indicator Features:

  • Assign different LED colors to your contacts
  • The color of the LED tells you who called you last
  • Easy, customizable menu lay out
  • Intuitive menu structure


  • Compatible with most Android Smartphones (Only devices with LEDs)

New update released: App Stalker 2.6

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App Stalker for BlackBerry Smartphones - Splash Screen
We’ve just releases an update for App Stalker, version 2.6. In the update once again the stability of the program is further enhanced, resulting in better and more timely results. In the new update previously reported bugs have been fixed.
App Stalker for BlackBerry® Smartphones is the ultimate tool for keeping track of apps that recently have become available for free or have dropped in price. This application runs silently in background, is easy to use and available for free. We now just released an important update, improving the interface and the displayed results of App Stalker.
App Stalker Improvements:

  • Increased stability of tracking system
  • Faster tracking, thanks to increased stability
  • Faster tracking of apps that dropped in price or went from paid to free
  • Reported bugs are fixed
  • Slim design makes that App Stalker runs silently in the background


  • All BlackBerry® OS 5.0 and newer devices
  • BlackBerry® Bold, Torch, Pearl, Curve, Tour, etc.

New release: Smart WiFi for Android!

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Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones - Splash Screen
WiFi is one of the biggest energy consuming features of your Android Smartphone. Even when you’re not using internet, the WiFi will consume battery as it keeps on searching for WiFi hotspots.

Smart WiFi is the ideal solution, already available for BlackBerry® Smartphones, this awesome application is now available for Android users. By remembering cell tower information, SmartWiFi detects when you leave your hotspot (for example your home or office) and switches off the WiFi function automatically. Whenever you enter a saved hotspot location again, the WiFi is switched on again.


  • Remembers the WiFi locations you use.
  • Up to 100 WiFi locations can be saved!
  • Auto-add newly connected WiFi Location.
  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when not needed.
  • Powers WiFi back on when you are back at WiFi coverage.


  • All Smartphones running Android 2.1 and up

More information: Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones

Photo Booth for BlackBerry update!

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Photo Booth for BlackBerry Smartphones - Frame colors
S4BB Limited updated Photo Booth for BlackBerry® Smartphones: the new update comes with a number of improvements and extended functionality. Also, Photo booth will from now on be available on BlackBerry® App World. This update is free for users. New users profit from a 40% discount, making this awesome application only a $2.99!


  • Bug fixes
  • Auto Flashlight
  • Various frame colors to choose from
  • Smoothed gallery


  • All BlackBerry® devices running OS 5.0 and higher

More information: Photo Booth for BlackBerry® Smartphones

RotationLock – lock & unlock your screen position!

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RotationLock for BlackBerry Smartphones - Splash Screen
RotationLock for BlackBerry® Smartphones prevents your screen from auto rotating. It allows you to “lock” the screen in the position you want. As a promotion this handy application will be available for FREE the coming month on BlackBerry® App World & MobiHand! Don’t miss this opportunity, get RotationLock today!


  • Lock & unlock screen position
  • For Storm & Torch
  • Lock screen in any position you want
  • Light weight


  • BlackBerry® Storm I, Storm II and Torch running OS 5.0 and higher

More information: RotationLock for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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