New Release – Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks for Android™

We’ve released a brand new application series for Android™ on occasion of the upcoming Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Germany: Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks. Consisting of over 50 useful phrases and 6 categories in spoken en written Bavarian, this application is a must have for any non-Bavarian Oktoberfest visitor. Order a beer in the local language, cheer with new friends or flirt with that cute Bavarian girl. Thanks to Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebook, you’ll have the right phrases at hand without having to speak the language. Once downloaded, the sentences can be played without internet access, saving you roaming costs

Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks are compatible with all devices running Android™ 1.6 and up. The following languages are available on Google Play:

English Thai / ภาษาไทย
French / Français Dutch / Nederlands
German / Deutsch Cantonese / 廣東話
Mandarin / 普通话 Japanese / 日本語