New for BlackBerry 10: Search Apps!

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Search for Amazon
We’ve released 5 new apps for BlackBerry® 10 that will help you search and find what you’re looking for! With the click of a button you can search Amazon, Wikipedia, IMDb, and Wiki Travel! Start looking straight away, at the right place for whatever you’re looking for!

Available Search Apps:


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Small Footprint
  • You’re favorite online platform on your homescreen

All Search Applications are compatible with BlackBerry® 10.

New update for Brick Breaker Anubis for BlackBerry 10!

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Brick Breaker Anubis
We’ve released an all new update for Brick Breaker Anubis. The new update consists of new improved graphics enhancing the game play greatly. Anubis is angered at the citizens of Luxor and threatens to destroy them by blocking the sun with stone blocks! Protect the people by bouncing away the blocks so that Luxor can once again bathe in the warmth of the sun!

With 9 levels and 3 difficulties to choose from, Brick Breaker Anubis is the perfect game to entertain yourself in dull moments.


  • 9 different levels.
  • 3 difficulties to choose from.
  • Stunning Graphics.
  • Intuitive User Interface.

Brick Breaker Anubis compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and available at BlackBerry World™.

Brick Breaker Anubis

Get CIA World Factbook 2013 for BlackBerry & Android

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CIA World Factbook 2013Going on holiday and want to read up on your destination? Then we have the perfect app for you: CIA World Factbook 2013! Filled with information on over 270 countries and territories you’ll be able to read up on your destination on-the-go. Once cached, you can access the information any time. Thanks to integrated search, finding the right information is a piece of cake.

Read up on Culture, People, Economy, Climate and much more with CIA World Factbook 2013, for BlackBerry® and Android.


  • Data for more than 270 countries and territories
  • Easy to navigate: just start typing the name of the country you’re looking for
  • Once a country / region has been cached, no further internet connection is required (thus no data plan or roaming charges in foreign countries)
  • Read up on your destination on-the-go


New update for Easy Smiley Pack for Blackberry 10 available

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Easy Smiley Pack
We’ve released an all new update for Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry® 10! The new update comes with an improved user interface and better BBM™ integration, making Easy Smiley Pack easier to use. We’ve also added a funny animation. Every time you copy a smiley, flag or ASCII art images you’ll see the image you selected shake and “fall” to the bottom of your screen.

Easy Smiley Pack provides you with well over 680 smileys, flags & ASCII art images to give your BBM messages and status some extra zing! Even if your friends don’t have Easy Smiley Pack installed, your friends will still see the images.


  • 680+ Smileys, flags, and ASCII art images in total now.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger status customization.
  • Plugs into BlackBerry® Messenger through BBM™ Connected.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger can be launched out of application.

Easy Smiley Pack is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 & OS 5 to 7

Easy Smiley Pack

S4BB Apps in the News II

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Learn French & Barcode Scanner
Past weeks we’ve released an exiting new update for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry® 10! With a completely redesigned user interface, and extended functionality, Barcode Scanner is the app to have when scanning QR codes and barcodes alike.

Although most of our fans know us from apps like Password Generator and Memory Booster we’re also pretty good in educational apps. Our Learn Language app series for example allows you to learn a language with your hand-held device on-the-go! Ideal when you want to learn a new language, but don’t have the time to go to class.

Keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter for our latest releases and updates. To have a look & download the apps mentioned, have a look below:

Learn a new language on-the-go with Learn Language Apps

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Learn Chinese
Want to learn a new language, but don’t have the time? Then we have the perfect apps for you: Learn Language Apps! Filled with self contained audio lessons and various difficulty categories Learn Language Apps are ideal for both newbies and advanced speakers as well. Learn Chinese, Spanish, French, English or Italian on-the-go with Learn Language Apps!


  • Loaded with self-contained audio lessons.
  • 5 difficulty levels from newbie to advanced.
  • Lessons are easy to understand and contain useful phrases and dialogues.
  • Lessons can be scheduled with your own starting time and can be paused to resume later.
  • All lessons are available 24/7 and can be accessed immediately.

All Learn Language Apps are compatible with Android 2.1, BlackBerry® OS, BlackBerry® 10, PlayBook™ and iOS 4.0


BlackBerry® Android iOS
Chinese Chinese Chinese
Spanish Spanish Spanish
French French French
English English English
Italian Italian Italian

New version of Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry 10 available

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Barcode Scanner
We’ve released an all new update for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry® 10. The new update has a beautifully redesigned user interface and now fully integrates within the BlackBerry® 10 OS. Recognizing various content types, you can invoke actions depending on the barcode content. For example, when scanning a Geolocation QR Code, you can now directly display the location in BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to the scanned location within BlackBerry® Maps! Thanks to the history list function you can look up any barcode content you scanned in the past.


  • Recognized content types:
    • Contact info: save to address book, or directly compose an email or call phone number.
    • Calendar Event: add event to calendar.
    • URL: open website in browser.
    • Email content: compose email.
    • Phone number: call phone number or add to address book.
    • BBM™ pins: invite to BBM™.
    • Geo Location: show location on BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to that location using BlackBerry® Maps.
    • Plain Text: copy to clipboard.
    • SMS: copy to clipboard.
    • WiFi: copy SSID or password to clipboard.
  • Recognized barcode formats: Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, QR Code, UPC-A &UPC-E.
  • Interactive User Interface
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS integration
  • History List functionality

The new version of Barcode Scanner is compatible BlackBerry® 10. A slim version of Barcode Scanner is also available for BlackBerry® OS.

Free Download
Barcode Scanner

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