App Stalker
We’ve released a new update for App Stalker for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. In the new update we’ve fixed several minor bugs and made improvements to the user interface. App Stalker is the perfect app for anyone who likes free and discounted BlackBerry® applications. With this great free app, you’ll never miss a discount or a new free app again!


  • Allows to track apps on BlackBerry World™ in three categories:
    • Featured Apps (best apps in store)
    • Price Drop (discounted) Apps
    • Newly Free Apps (paid apps that turned free)
  • Instant redirection to BlackBerry World™ upon tapping a desired app
  • Optional push notifications to stay up-to-date with newly discounted and free apps
  • Share function for app lists and individual apps
  • Natively built for BlackBerry® 10

App Stalker is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry® Legacy OS.

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App Stalker