We just released a new productivity app called ARS, which stands for Auto-Re-Schedule. It lets you reschedule tasks you need to do on a fixed time span basis. Need to empty your postbox at most every 7 days? ARS will remind you.

ARS (Auto-Re-Schedule) is a different kind of reminder app. Normal task apps would usually remind you on a certain date and time. ARS is different. With ARS you will get reminded after a certain time span has passed since you last completed this task.

Each reminder can be set up with:

  • A descriptive name
  • A start / next reminder date
  • A reschedule time span
  • A snooze time

ARS is a very simple app. Easy to use and purpose-built for a very specific use.

Download ARS at:




ARS comes as a free app that allows you to create up to 3 reminders. You can reschedule them as often as you like. If you’d like to set up more than 3 reminders, please purchase the upgrade through the app and you’ll be able to set up as many reminders as you like. It’s a one-off payment that lasts a lifetime.

Examples of Use

Examples 1:
You need to empty your postbox lastest every 7 days. You set up a reminder and you’ll get notified the first time you need to empty your postbox. You complete the task and hit the “Done & Reschedule” button. You will then get another reminder in 7 days. Let’s say you have time earlier and already empty your postbox after 5 days. Then you can easily hit the “Done & Reschedule” button and the reminder will be re-scheduled 7 days later.

Example 2:
Your prepaid SIM card is only valid for 180 days after the last topup. Every time you top up your SIM card, you hit the “Done & Reschedule” button and you’ll get an alert should you ever reach the 180 days of not topping up your card. Hence, you’ll never miss the deadline and you can ensure you’ve always got a working sim card.