Press Release: BerryDialer Enterprise Customization

BerryDialerS4BB Limited announces special offers for enterprises.

BerryDialer, our market leading calling card application, is perfect for your company to save a lot of money! Costs on international calls can be saved by up to 80%. Reduce your costs now! BerryDialer integrates into your BlackBerry address book and therefor, allows you to make calls using a calling card as easy as you do it right now. Convenient. Productive. Money Saving.

S4BB Limited is ready to present special offers for companies and organizations. We offer attractive volume licenses as well as enterprise customization for your special needs. It is also possible to control calling card data on your BlackBerry® device force directly through your BES® (BlackBerry® Enterprise Server).

More information on this can be found at: BerryDialer – Enterprise