Flashlight Pro 2.0 Utilizes BlackBerry Camera Flashlight

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S4BB Limited just released version 2.0 of Flashlight Pro. Brand new features like camera flashlight usage and full BlackBerry® Storm™ compatibility are now available!

Core Features

  • Uses both the camera light and screen light as a flashlight.
  • Camera light will never turn off! No time limit!
  • Sets the brightness of the screenlight to full bright for extra lighting.
  • Useful help screen for quick reference.
  • Morses a SOS-Message in an endless loop by turning the camera light and screen light on and off according to the international morse code.

Flashlight Pro 2 is compatible with all current BlackBerry® models. A device with a video camera is required to allow access to the camera flashlight.

Website: Flashlight Pro 2 for BlackBerry®

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