Smart WiFi for Android updated

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Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones - Splash Screen
We’ve just updated Smart WiFi for Android. In the update we’ve fixed reported bugs and improved the stability and performance of the application for better results. For the people who have no idea what Smart WiFi is:

WiFi is the largest battery power consumer on your Android Smartphone. Even when there’s no WiFi network available, your device keeps searching for one, draining the battery. Smart WiFi is the ideal solution to this waste. By remembering cell tower information, Smart WiFi detects when you leave your hotspot (for example your home or office) and switches off the WiFi function automatically. Whenever you enter a saved hotspot location again, the WiFi is switched on again.


  • Remembers the WiFi locations you use.
  • Up to 100 WiFi locations can be saved!
  • Auto-add newly connected WiFi Location.
  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when not needed.
  • Powers WiFi back on when you are back at WiFi coverage.


  • All Smartphones running Android 2.1 and up

More information: Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones

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