CIA World Factbook
CIA World Factbook for BlackBerry® 10 has been updated. In the new update it’s now possible to cache country data for offline use. We’ve also improved content rendering, and added search-as-you-type functionality for BlackBerry® Q10 and Q5! Last but not least, we’ve added a beautiful new splashscreen. CIA World Factbook is the perfect app for any traveler or student, providing you detailed information on over 270 countries and territories on-the-go.


  • Data for more than 270 countries and territories
  • Easy to navigate: just start typing the name of the country you’re looking for
  • Once a country / region has been cached, no further internet connection is required (thus no data plan or roaming charges in foreign countries)
  • Read up on your destination on-the-go
  • Improved Content Rendering
  • Search-as-you-type functionality for BlackBerry® Q10 & Q5

CIA World Factbook is compatible with BlackBerry® 10, BlackBerry® Legacy OS, BlackBerry® and PlayBook™.

CIA World Factbook