Fuel Usage Tracker Launched – Find out what your car’s real fuel consumption is

We just released a brand new app for car owners: Fuel Usage Tracker

This great new app allows you to easily track your car’s fuel consumption and all the costs you incur. It currently supports diesel and petrol/gasoline engines, which will be extended soon to electric and more.


  • Comprehensively track fuel consumption
  • Quick ‘n easy topup input
  • Calculation of average expenditure
  • Import & Export of topup information (Excel, CSV)
  • Manage a car, truck or motorbike
  • Manage multiple vehicle profiles
  • Available in English and German

Fuel Usage Tracker is a very simple app. Easy to use and purpose-built for a very specific use.

Download Fuel Usage Tracker at:



Fuel Usage Tracker comes as a free app that allows you to create 1 vehicle profile. You can add as many topups to that vehicle as you like. If you’d like tomanage more than 1 vehicle profile, please purchase the upgrade through the app and you’ll be able to set up as many vehicle profiles as you like. It’s a one-off payment that lasts a lifetime.