ActionPad 1.5: New Features, Better BlackBerry Integration, Free Update

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Free Update for Existing Users
S4BB Limited just released the version 1.5 of ActionPad for BlackBerry® with stunning new features! If you handle memos and you want to improve your productivity, ActionPad is the way to go! ActionPad helps you to be organized and fast in handling memos. The unique memo encryption feature lets you password-protect each memo with a password.

What’s new in the version 1.5?

  • User interface improvements
  • Softkeys can be used for special functions (i.e. next / previous memo)
  • Full screen mode
  • Send memo to BlackBerry® Tasks or Calendar
  • Session password indicator
  • Backup & Restore of encrypted memos
  • Minor bug fixes

More information: ActionPad for BlackBerry® Smartphones

ActionPad for BlackBerry Final Release

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ActionPad 1-Click Category Switch
ActionPad for BlackBerry® is the best memo management software available for BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld devices. ActionPad is available for all current BlackBerry® Smartphone models and is full touch-screen compatible. A program download (OTA and Desktop) can be obtained from all major mobile content websites such as BlackBerry App World, Handango, MobiReach, MobileSoftMarket.

ActionPad Core Features

ActionPad Search Title & Content Search ActionPad Encryption Memo Encryption
ActionPad 1-Click Category Switch 1-Click Category Switch ActionPad BlackBerry Integration BlackBerry® Integration
ActionPad Hotkeys Hotkeys ActionPad Desktop Synchronization Desktop Synchronization
ActionPad Share Memos Share Memos ActionPad Enterprise Synchronization Enterprise Synchronization

More Information: ActionPad Product Page »
Presentation: ActionPad Video »

ActionPad Beta 7 Available for Download

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ActionPad on BlackBerry Storm
S4BB Limited just released another new beta version of ActionPad with full BlackBerry® Storm™ touch screen compatibility. Furthermore, memo password protection brings more privacy and security to your personal information.

Features since since version 0.7.6 (BETA 7):

  • BlackBerry® Storm™ Compatibility
    • ActionPad should now be fully compatible with the BlackBerry® Storm™.
    • A new button toolbar can be activated in the settings allowing Storm™ users to quickly access: “New memo”, “Options”, “About”.
  • Memo Content Encryption
    • Each memo can be protected by a separate password.
    • AES encryption is used to protect the memo’s content from unauthorized access.
    • Encryption support can be activated in “Options”. This will enable:
      • Encryption / decryption indicator in memo listing (might slow down listing updates with huge memo lists).
      • “Encrypt” button in the “New” / “Edit” memo screens.
      • Automatic password prompt when opening an encrypted memo.

Free & Open Beta Test: ActionPad™ for BlackBerry®

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