ActionPad Beta 7 Available for Download

ActionPad on BlackBerry Storm
S4BB Limited just released another new beta version of ActionPad with full BlackBerry® Storm™ touch screen compatibility. Furthermore, memo password protection brings more privacy and security to your personal information.

Features since since version 0.7.6 (BETA 7):

  • BlackBerry® Storm™ Compatibility
    • ActionPad should now be fully compatible with the BlackBerry® Storm™.
    • A new button toolbar can be activated in the settings allowing Storm™ users to quickly access: “New memo”, “Options”, “About”.
  • Memo Content Encryption
    • Each memo can be protected by a separate password.
    • AES encryption is used to protect the memo’s content from unauthorized access.
    • Encryption support can be activated in “Options”. This will enable:
      • Encryption / decryption indicator in memo listing (might slow down listing updates with huge memo lists).
      • “Encrypt” button in the “New” / “Edit” memo screens.
      • Automatic password prompt when opening an encrypted memo.

Free & Open Beta Test: ActionPad™ for BlackBerry®