Chinese New Year – 農曆新年 – Weekend Special: 12 Asian City Guides on discount

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Rio de Janeiro City GuideChinese New Year -農曆新年 – is around the corner and specially for this occasion we are offering City Guides for as many as 12 major Asian cities on discount. Only this weekend, City Guides for cities such as Hong KongSeoulTaipei and many more are available for just $0.99!

Our City Guides are the perfect app to bring with you on any trip. The Guides provide you with important data such as weather forecasts, maps, nightlife locations, restaurants, detailed descriptions of sights and lists of accommodations to guarantee best traveling experiences. Once the data has been cached, you can use the City Guide apps without the need for an internet connection!

Get these Asian City Guides while the offer lasts. This weekend only!


  • Current Weather Information
  • General City Information
  • Travel Information
  • Street-Level Maps
  • Navigation Information
  • Local News
  • Sightseeing Places
  • Restaurants and Nightlife Establishments
  • Local Currency (incl. currency converter)
  • General City Statistics

All City Guides are compatible with BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.


Press Release: S4BB Limited Continues To Serve Niche Customers With Additional 138,792 BlackBerry 10 Apps Submitted to BlackBerry World

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S4BB Limited supplements its City Guide apps with 138,792 BlackBerry 10 Apps, in furthering its commitment to serving niche city markets

HONG KONG October 19th, 2013 – S4BB Limited is well known for its commitment to serving niche market customers, whom most other companies would normally neglect because of low profit prospects. By submitting 138,792 city-centered BlackBerry 10 applications to BlackBerry World, S4BB Limited not only furthers its commitment, but it also demonstrates its strong belief in BlackBerry 10 as a leading mobile platform.

Following the recent media coverage and tremendous interest in its paid City Guide applications, S4BB Limited now offers three additional apps per city, recommending dining and nightlife destinations, as well as providing a search for businesses within the city. For example, for the city of Toronto, Canada, three such apps are named “Toronto Dining” (free), “Toronto Nightlife” (free), and “Toronto Business Search” (paid). The two “Dining” and “Nightlife” apps are free ‘lite’ apps, as they are stripped-down versions of the fully featured City Guide app for that particular city. They allow potential customers to try a subset of the City Guide’s functionality for free. S4BB Limited is convinced that this try-and-buy strategy would improve sales of their 46,230 City Guide applications that it launched earlier this year.

By also introducing city-centered business search applications in addition to the two free ‘lite’ apps, S4BB Limited establishes a new product category within its City Apps product line. The paid business search applications list all businesses within the vicinity of 5 kilometers (3 miles) around the city center. For a one-off charge of US$0.99, users can search for businesses in a particular city, even if the user is not currently located there.

S4BB Limited is committed to serving the niche market customers in cities often considered too small by large corporations for which to create apps. With 46,264 applications per category (“Dining”, “Nightlife” and “Business Search”), totaling up to 138,792 apps that are now in the approval queue of the BlackBerry World content review team, S4BB Limited believes to have entered the BlackBerry 10 app market ahead of its competitors.

A separate statement will be issued as soon as all submitted applications have been approved and are available for download.

About S4BB Limited:
S4BB Limited is a Hong Kong-based company, specializing in the development of mobile applications. Its market-leading apps for BlackBerry®, Android™ and iOS® cover nearly all aspects of modern mobile life and provide value to their customers through games and applications in the fields of productivity, utilities, social media, travel, photography, audio & entertainment, car management, finance and education.

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