50 new ASCII art images for Easy Smiley Pack!

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We’ve updated Easy Smiley Pack with 50 brand new ASCII art images. This brings the total number of free smileys, flags & ASCII art images well over 680! Thanks to Easy Smiley Pack you’ll be able to spice up your BBM™ chats and customize your status with funny smileys. Even if your contacts don’t have Easy Smiley Pack installed, they’ll still see the smileys you send them!


  • 680+ Smileys, flags, and ASCII art.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger status customization.
  • Digit to digit box translation.
  • Plugs into BMM™.

Easy Smiley Pack is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 6.0 and up. Requires BBM™ 6.0.129 or later.

Easy Smiley Pack

New Easy Smiley Pack update for BlackBerry Smartphones!

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Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry Smartphones
Customize your BlackBerry® Messenger messages with more than 630 emoticons and surprise your friends! We have just updated our famous Easy Smiley Pack app, improving performance and visible profile box activities of your contacts on your BBM profile. Best of all, Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry® Smartphones is for FREE!


  • 250+ smileys, 210+ country flags, and 150+ ASCII art images in total!
  • BlackBerry® Messenger status customization.
  • NEW: Visible profile box activities.
  • NEW: Check your contacts activities.


  • All BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 5.0 and up.


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