Camera for Twitter 1.0 for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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After bringing the successful Camera for Facebook app to the BlackBerry® platform, we now present to you: Camera for Twitter. This app makes it easier than ever before to upload pictures to your Twitter feed for all your followers to see. The first time you upload a picture, you will be asked to login to Twitter via your mobile browser. This is to give the app permission to upload the pictures on your behalf. One click is all you need to share those precious moments with all of your friends and followers. Get Camera for Twitter for only $2.99 at BlackBerry App World™.


  • 1-Click Photo Sharing
  • Twitter Integration
  • Description box to compose your tweet

Camera for Twitter is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 6.0 or higher.

Camera for Twitter

Free U.S. Government Apps for BlackBerry® Smartphones and PlayBook™

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U.S. Government Apps

We have just released our U.S. Government Apps for BlackBerry® Smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™. The series contains 16 apps providing you with information on a wide range of topics relevant to the United States. Each app is easy to use and is always up-to-date. Whether you’re looking for a place to get alternative fuel, want to know the weather, or are just want to browse through the Smithsonian Collections, the U.S. Government Apps provide all you need. All apps are available for BlackBerry® Smartphones & PlayBook™. Get them for FREE at BlackBerry App World™.


  • Always Up-To-Date
  • Information Directly From The U.S. Government
  • 22 Different Topics And Sources
  • Low Memory Usage

More Information
For a list of all U.S. Government Apps and more detailed information, click here.


U.S. Government Apps

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