European Talking Phrasebooks for English for Android™ Mobile Devices

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This week we’re releasing multiple Talking Phrasebooks for English on the Android™ platform. The summer holiday period has arrived and if you’re going to Europe on vacation, these are the apps for you:

  • Talk Bavarian – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Dutch – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk German – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Russian – Phrasebook for English
  • In addition to Talk French, which we released a week ago, these Talking Phrasebooks will help you find your way around Europe. Our Talking Phrasebooks contain over 290 useful phrases in 14 different categories. For those who don’t want to explore the different categories, we’ve created a search function. Simply type in a few keywords to have the phrase pop up. All phrases are displayed in English and their respective alternate language. After selecting a phrase you can of course try to master it yourself, or you could let your phone do the talking! Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you should always take a Talking Phrasebook with you. Get the Talking Phrasebooks for $1.99 a piece on Google Play.


    • Over 290 Phrases
    • 14 Different Categories
    • Useful Search Function
    • Marks all previously used Phrases
    • Cache Phrases for Offline use

    Talking Phrasebooks for English are compatible with all Mobile Devices running Android 1.6 and up.

    Talk Bavarian Phrasebook Talk Dutch Phrasebook Talk German Phrasebook Talk Russian Phrasebook

    Free U.S. Government Apps for BlackBerry® Smartphones and PlayBook™

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    U.S. Government Apps

    We have just released our U.S. Government Apps for BlackBerry® Smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™. The series contains 16 apps providing you with information on a wide range of topics relevant to the United States. Each app is easy to use and is always up-to-date. Whether you’re looking for a place to get alternative fuel, want to know the weather, or are just want to browse through the Smithsonian Collections, the U.S. Government Apps provide all you need. All apps are available for BlackBerry® Smartphones & PlayBook™. Get them for FREE at BlackBerry App World™.


    • Always Up-To-Date
    • Information Directly From The U.S. Government
    • 22 Different Topics And Sources
    • Low Memory Usage

    More Information
    For a list of all U.S. Government Apps and more detailed information, click here.


    U.S. Government Apps

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