Search for Carphone Warehouse Launched for the UK

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S4BB Limited has just released Search for Carphone Warehouse to bring on-the-go shopping for mobile phones, contracts and accessories to BlackBerry 10. Search for Carphone Warehouse has been launched to offer more choice to our users world-wide and allow them to conveniently shop on-the-go. By integrating into the BlackBerry Assistant / Universal Device Search it is now possible to search for mobile phones, accessories and plans right from the BlackBerry home screen.

Get Search for Carphone Warehouse now to go shopping at Carphone Warehouse right from the home screen of you BlackBerry 10 device. You can shop for mobile phones, upgrades, sims, tablets, waerables and more.

★ Simple mobile shopping experience
★ Use your existing Carphone Warehouse account
★ Easy share of products found on Carphone Warehouse (share via BBM, email, Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
★ Best selling lists
★ Instant notifications of current and upcoming promotions – you’ll never miss a sale!
★ Favorites List
★ Promotion Details & Search
★ Instant Type-Search on BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry P’9983, BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic
★ Device Search Integration (search in your home screen and tap the Search for Carphone Warehouse icon)

Shopping Categories:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Upgrades
  • SIMs
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Offers

Supported Country: United Kingdom only.

Compatibility & FREE Download:
Search for Carphone Warehouse is compatible with BlackBerry® Passport, Classic, Z3, Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, P’9982 & P’9983 and can be downloaded for FREE at BlackBerry World.

Free Download
Search for Carphone Warehouse for BlackBerry 10

Battery Watch for Android has been updated to version 4.0

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After 2 years of not updating Battery Watch for Android, S4BB Limited has just released a completely re-designed Battery Watch app on Google Play. It’s still free, still with funny voices, but now comes with a stylish high end look that has been with care and detail in mind. Battery Watch features custom audio notifications that let you know when for example the battery is fully charged. This can help you to avoid overcharging your battery which results in your phone having a long battery life.

Battery Watch Features:
★ Shows your battery status beautifully when charging
★ Color-coded charging status (green, yellow, red)
★ Integrates into native Android device by showing battery state (fully charged, charging, discharging, unplugged, etc.).
★ Running out of battery warnings: Adjustable warning level and notifications.
ツ Funny voices: audio notifications for “charging started”, “charging completed” and “running low in battery” come with voices that sound like … try it yourself to find out!

Battery Info Shown:
★ Battery Level
★ Battery Status
★ Battery Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) with min. and max. values
★ Battery Voltage with min. and max. values

Battery Watch is compatible with Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, and can be downloaded for FREE through Google Play:

Free Download
Battery Watch for Android
Get it at Google Play

New update for CIA World Factbook for BlackBerry & Android

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CIA World Factbook 2013We’ve released a new update for CIA World Factbook for BlackBerry® & Android™. The new update fixes minor bugs and improves the performance of the application greatly. CIA World Factbook 2013 is based on the latest information provided by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. With detailed information on over 270 countries CIA World Factbook 2013 is the perfect application for students and travelers alike. Look up information on culture, economic, climate and much more with just the click of a button.


  • Data for more than 270 countries and territories
  • Easy to navigate: just start typing the name of the country you’re looking for
  • Once a country / region has been cached, no further internet connection is required (thus no data plan or roaming charges in foreign countries)
  • Read up on your destination on-the-go

CIA World Factbook is compatible with BlackBerry® 10, BlackBerry® Legacy OS, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and all devices running Android™ 2.1 and up.


Tiles for BlackBerry® 10 Devices

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We’re working hard on developing applications for the upcoming BlackBerry® 10. The first result of this approach is our new game for BlackBerry® 10 Devices: Tiles. The aim of the game is to clear a field filled with tiles in 6 different colors in as little moves as possible, you can remove tile by touching them. Connected tiles with the same color will be removed in a single move. The cleared field connects each same colored tile, so plan your moves carefully! There are 3 different difficulty levels to choose from. Start at the bottom and work your way up to maximize the fun! Tiles is available for $0.99 at BlackBerry App World™.


  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Eyecatching Graphics
  • BlackBerry® 10 Exclusive

Tiles is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 devices.


European Talking Phrasebooks for English for Android™ Mobile Devices

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This week we’re releasing multiple Talking Phrasebooks for English on the Android™ platform. The summer holiday period has arrived and if you’re going to Europe on vacation, these are the apps for you:

  • Talk Bavarian – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Dutch – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk German – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Russian – Phrasebook for English
  • In addition to Talk French, which we released a week ago, these Talking Phrasebooks will help you find your way around Europe. Our Talking Phrasebooks contain over 290 useful phrases in 14 different categories. For those who don’t want to explore the different categories, we’ve created a search function. Simply type in a few keywords to have the phrase pop up. All phrases are displayed in English and their respective alternate language. After selecting a phrase you can of course try to master it yourself, or you could let your phone do the talking! Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you should always take a Talking Phrasebook with you. Get the Talking Phrasebooks for $1.99 a piece on Google Play.


    • Over 290 Phrases
    • 14 Different Categories
    • Useful Search Function
    • Marks all previously used Phrases
    • Cache Phrases for Offline use

    Talking Phrasebooks for English are compatible with all Mobile Devices running Android 1.6 and up.

    Talk Bavarian Phrasebook Talk Dutch Phrasebook Talk German Phrasebook Talk Russian Phrasebook

    Magazines for BlackBerry® PlayBook™

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    We’ve just released 24 brand new apps for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and OS 10: Magazines. Thanks to our Magazine apps you can now read on your favorite subject with your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ or BlackBerry® OS 10 device. Whether you like cats, soccer or psychology, we got a magazine for it. Each Magazine consists of 30 articles bringing you the latest news & developments on your favorite topics. Pick your favorite and subscribe today for just $0.99 per month!


    • Up to date: get the latest news.
    • Easy access: start reading in 2 clicks.
    • Fast: get instant access to your favorite articles.
    • Smooth: switch between articles faster than ever before.

    Magazines are compatible with all BlackBerry® Tablets running tablet OS 2.0 or higher and all BlackBerry® Devices running OS 10 and higher.

    For a full list of our Magazines and downloadlinks, click here.

    Celebrate 1st and 4th of July with 55 Apps & Audiobooks for just $0.99

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    Here at S4BB Limited we like to celebrate with our users. We’ve decided to honor the United States Independence Day and Canada Day by offering a selection of our finest paid BlackBerry® apps for the low price of 99 USD cents! We’ll be celebrating for a week so get your apps while you can.

    Make this the best 1st and 4th of July celebration with apps like Camera Timer to commemorate the good times you and your family/ friends had! Or get Signal Booster to make your Smartphone independent from low signals! MessageSchedule allows you to time all the messages you want to send to your loved ones. Schedule them in advance so you have the whole day to celebrate!

    Looking for some American stories but too busy to read? We’ve thought of that as well! We’re offering 13 of our BlackBerry® Playbook™ compatible audiobooks for $0.99 as well. Listen to great stories such as The Mountains of California, or brush up on your history knowledge with History of the United States Vol. I. Looking for something sophisticated? Listen to the poem Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight.

    360×240480×480640×480800×600800×8001024×1024 360×240480×480640×480800×600800×8001024×1024

    Spice up your BlackBerry® device this Canada Day and Independence Day at BlackBerry App World™. The celebrations don’t stop at our big sale. We’re also offering 2 different free wallpapers (see the images above) for your smartphone or tablet. You can choose from the US or Canadian versions. Enjoy your new wallpaper!

    Happy 1st and 4th of July,
    The S4BB Limited Team

    Here is a list of all our 99 cent apps and audiobooks for your convenience.

    Applications Audiobooks
    A Handbook of Health
    Action Pad
    Alices Adventures in the Wonderland
    App Task Manager Pro
    Camera Timer
    Chinese Environment for PlayBook
    Clipboard History Pro
    Contact LED Indicator
    Emergency Wipe
    Flashlight Pro
    Flip Silent
    Menu Clock
    Mobile Pickup Guide
    Mobile Pickup Guide for PlayBook
    Moby Dick
    Nextaction Standard
    Restart Me Pro
    Rotation Lock
    Scientific Calculator
    Screen Shot
    Signal Booster
    The Art of War Military Edition
    The Art of War Original Edition
    Think and Grow Rich
    Tic Tac Toe
    Virtual Fireplace
    Wallpaper Megaplex
    Wallpaper Megaplex for PlayBook
    Warehouse Keeper
    WorldDict French
    WorldDict German
    WorldDict Italian
    WorldDict Portuguese
    WorldDict Spanish
    Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
    Byways Around San Francisco Bay
    History of the United States Vol. I
    Little Women
    My Mark Twain
    O Pioneers!
    Old Indian Legends
    The Constitution of the United States of America
    The Gettysburg Address
    The Gettysburg Address (version 2)
    The Mountains of California
    The Red Badge of Courage
    United States Historical Documents
    Top Selling High Rated

    S4BB Apps for PlayBook OS 2.0

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    Battery Watch
    Yesterday RIM® has published OS 2.0 for BlackBerry® PlayBook, improving the PlayBook experience greatly. However, without S4BB Limited apps it wouldn’t be complete. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of new apps compatible with the updated OS. Don’t wait, beef up your BlackBerry® PlayBook with S4BB apps!

    Available apps:

    S4BB® is a registered Trademark by S4BB Limited. All rights reserved. The RIM, BlackBerry and SureType families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. More information on legal issues can be found here.