S4BB Apps for PlayBook OS 2.0

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Battery Watch
Yesterday RIM® has published OS 2.0 for BlackBerry® PlayBook, improving the PlayBook experience greatly. However, without S4BB Limited apps it wouldn’t be complete. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of new apps compatible with the updated OS. Don’t wait, beef up your BlackBerry® PlayBook with S4BB apps!

Available apps:

Mega Sounds for BlackBerry and Android

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Mega Alarm

S4BB Limited brings you an all new collection of hilarious, cool, and impressive sounds for your BlackBerry® or Android device: the Mega Sound app series. Use them any way you can imagine: wake up your snoring roommate, play jokes on innocent by passers, scare a friend, you name it! The sky’s the limit with these apps. Each week we’ll highlight a different Mega Sound. There will be 10 in total, collect them all!

First up is Mega Race Car. This app gives you the power to produce the sound of a Formula I car passing by at full speed. One touch of a button will make you and those around you feel like you are on an actual race track.

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