Silent Foto 1.0 for Blackberry® Smartphones

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Silent Foto 1.0

We have just released our newest app, Silent Foto. Are you tired of the shutter sound each time you take a picture with your BlackBerry® Smartphone? Then Silent Foto is the perfect app for you. With Silent Foto you’re able to take a picture without making a sound. All you have to do is run the app, tap the camera icon, and then tap the screen to take a picture.  This application runs on all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 6.0 or higher. Get it for free at Mobihand.


  • Easy foto capturing
  • Disables camera shutter sound
  • BBM™ connected app

Supported Devices
This application is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 6.0 or higher.


Silent Foto

Mega Alarm for BlackBerry® and Android Smartphones

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Mega Alarm

This is the Mega Sound app series. After highlighting our introductory app, Mega Race Car, we now present to you: Mega Alarm. This app is the second in line of our 10 piece series. Mega Alarm will allow you to control a painfully recognizable sound wrapped in a stunning design of course. It goes without saying that this app is free of charge. Really get your Mega Sound collection started and download Mega Alarm.

Mega Alarm allows you to produce the sound that people dread the most… the sound of an alarm clock.  Wake up anyone around you with the skull penetrating sound of Mega Alarm. Of course, it can also be used to startle, irritate and prank people. Be creative!

More information: click here

Mega Sounds for BlackBerry and Android

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Mega Alarm

S4BB Limited brings you an all new collection of hilarious, cool, and impressive sounds for your BlackBerry® or Android device: the Mega Sound app series. Use them any way you can imagine: wake up your snoring roommate, play jokes on innocent by passers, scare a friend, you name it! The sky’s the limit with these apps. Each week we’ll highlight a different Mega Sound. There will be 10 in total, collect them all!

First up is Mega Race Car. This app gives you the power to produce the sound of a Formula I car passing by at full speed. One touch of a button will make you and those around you feel like you are on an actual race track.

More information: click here

Camera Timer for Blackberry Smartphones; be director and actor at the same time!

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Flash Watch for BlackBerry Smartphones
S4BB Limited has published their latest innovative app; Camera Timer. It is an automatic count-down timer for your BlackBerry® Smartphone that gives you the possibility to be director and actor at the same time. Choose from several options such as different delay times, flash options and sound.


  • Accurate delay timer: Choose between 5, 10 or 30 seconds
  • Decide between flash options


  • All BlackBerry® Smartphones with camera and running OS 5.0 and up

More information: Camera Timer for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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