New for BlackBerry 10: FX Rates

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FX Rates
We’ve released a brand new application for BlackBerry® 10: FX Rates. Thanks to this awesome application you can convert multiple currencies at the same time. Complete with 139 currencies to choose from and a beautiful, customisable user interface, FX Rates the perfect app for anyone on-the-move. After connecting your BlackBerry® 10 Smartphone, the app caches the exchange rates so you can use the app without the need for an internet, saving you money. Download FX Rates for free today!


  • Free Real-Time Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Supports 139 Currencies – Cross-Currency Conversion
  • Offline Mode (no Internet needed to use latest exchange rate)
  • Share Cross-Currency Conversion through BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text, WhatsApp, NFC
  • Customize Currency Order and Layout via Drag’n’Drop
  • Exchange Rate Update On-Demand

FX Rates is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.

Free Download
FX Rates

Free Update for Screen Shot Free & Pro for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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We’ve released a free update for Screen Shot Free and Pro. Screen Shot is an app that allows you to take a screen caption of whatever is visible on your BlackBerry® Smartphone’s screen. With this new update, sharing these screen-shots is faster and easier than ever before. We’ve done this by adding a sharing to Facebook or Twitter functionality. With this new sharing functionality we’ve also updated the UI. Furthermore, we’ve included major bug fixes, making Screen Shot perform even better. All these new and improved features are available in a free update! Get the latest version of Screen Shot on BlackBerry App World™.


  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Updated UI
  • Major Bug Fixes

Screen Shot is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.5 or higher.

Screen Shot Free Screen Shot Pro

App Task Manager for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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App Task Manager

This week we have released our newest app, App Task Manager. This app allows you to view and switch to any app that is currently running on your BlackBerry® Smartphone. It’s the easiest way to manage your apps. Use App Task Manager to find out which applications drain your battery, switch between apps, close apps and view detailed information such as size, vendor and more. Even apps running silently in background are shown in App Task Manager. This app is currently available at BlackBerry App World™ for only $0.99.


  • List All Apps That Are Running
  • Manage Your Device’s Memory
  • No More “Hidden” Apps
  • Instant Switching Between Apps
  • Shows Detailed Information

More information:
For more information and download buttons, click here.

Mega Alarm for BlackBerry® and Android Smartphones

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Mega Alarm

This is the Mega Sound app series. After highlighting our introductory app, Mega Race Car, we now present to you: Mega Alarm. This app is the second in line of our 10 piece series. Mega Alarm will allow you to control a painfully recognizable sound wrapped in a stunning design of course. It goes without saying that this app is free of charge. Really get your Mega Sound collection started and download Mega Alarm.

Mega Alarm allows you to produce the sound that people dread the most… the sound of an alarm clock.  Wake up anyone around you with the skull penetrating sound of Mega Alarm. Of course, it can also be used to startle, irritate and prank people. Be creative!

More information: click here

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