Free Update for Screen Shot Free & Pro for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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We’ve released a free update for Screen Shot Free and Pro. Screen Shot is an app that allows you to take a screen caption of whatever is visible on your BlackBerry® Smartphone’s screen. With this new update, sharing these screen-shots is faster and easier than ever before. We’ve done this by adding a sharing to Facebook or Twitter functionality. With this new sharing functionality we’ve also updated the UI. Furthermore, we’ve included major bug fixes, making Screen Shot perform even better. All these new and improved features are available in a free update! Get the latest version of Screen Shot on BlackBerry App World™.


  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Updated UI
  • Major Bug Fixes

Screen Shot is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.5 or higher.

Screen Shot Free Screen Shot Pro

Free update Memory Booster for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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We’ve released an update for Memory Booster for BlackBerry® Smartphones. This update is designed to improve the app’s overall performance. We’ve achieved this by fixing some major bugs, enhancing the stability, and improving the performance. All this packed in a free update. Keep your BlackBerry® Smartphone in top condition by updating your Memory Booster to version 4.3.8. Get the update for free at BlackBerry App World™.


  • Increased Performance
  • Major Bug Fix
  • Enhanced Stability

Memory Booster 4.3.8 is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.6 or higher.

Memory Booster

Free update Foto Booth for Android™ Smartphones

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Silent Foto 1.0

We have just updated Foto Booth for Android. This app turns your Smartphone into a pocket sized photo booth. With one touch you can take 4 consecutive pictures which are then displayed in a strip layout. Version 2.0 allows you to pick the frame color of your preference. We’ve also updated the name from “Photo Booth” to “Foto Booth” and fixed some bugs users were experiencing. Last but not least, we’ve speed up the photo processing, resulting in a faster and smoother running application. Existing users can update for free, new users can purchase Foto Booth for just $0.99 at Google Play.


  • Take 4 pictures with 1 touch
  • Pick different frame colors
  • New name: Foto Booth
  • Version 2.0
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Faster photo processing

Supported Devices
This application is compatible with all Smartphones running Android 2.1 or higher.

Foto Booth

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