New Game by S4BB Limited: Lucky 8 for BlackBerry 10

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S4BB Limited has just released a brand new game for BlackBerry 10! Lucky 8 is a small slot machine game for your small break during work. All you need to do is hit the PLAY button and you might be winning some Lucky Coins!

Lucky 8 is a thrilling slot machine that allows you to win Lucky Coins! It’s FREE, so go ahead and check it out yourself!

How to Play Lucky 8:

  1. Hit the PLAY button to start spinning. Each spin costs you 10 Lucky Coins.
  2. To win you need to get at least 1 “Lucky 8” to show.
  3. The more “Lucky 8” show the more you win.
  4. Hit PLAY again for another spin!

Up to 50,000 Lucky Coins can be won with one spin! It’s not easy to win those, but it is definitely worth a try!

Lucky 8 is compatible with BlackBerry® Z10, Z30, Z3, Q5, Q10 & P’9982 and can be downloaded for FREE at BlackBerry World™:

Free Download
Lucky 8 for BlackBerry 10

S4BB Apps in the News III

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Camera Scanner for PDF & Search Apps
The past couple of weeks we’ve released some exciting new applications as well as updates for existing apps. We released an update for Easy Smiley Pack improving the User Interface. We also updated CIA World Factbook with the latest 2013 data, in this way you’ll always have the freshest facts at hand on over 270 countries and territories. We released a total make-over for Brick Breaker. With a beautiful ancient Egyptian theme, 9 levels and 3 difficulties, Brick Breaker Anubis will provide you with some serious game fun.

We also released 6 brand new applications: Search App Series and Camera Scanner for PDF. The Search App Series allows you to search your favorite website for information, products or media. Thanks to Camera Scanner for PDF you can use your BlackBerry® 10 camera as a scanner. Take a picture of anything and export it as a password protected pdf document. Best of all? All our newly released applications are available for free!

Keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter for our latest releases and updates. To have a look & download the apps mentioned, have a look below:

New update for Brick Breaker Anubis for BlackBerry 10!

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Brick Breaker Anubis
We’ve released an all new update for Brick Breaker Anubis. The new update consists of new improved graphics enhancing the game play greatly. Anubis is angered at the citizens of Luxor and threatens to destroy them by blocking the sun with stone blocks! Protect the people by bouncing away the blocks so that Luxor can once again bathe in the warmth of the sun!

With 9 levels and 3 difficulties to choose from, Brick Breaker Anubis is the perfect game to entertain yourself in dull moments.


  • 9 different levels.
  • 3 difficulties to choose from.
  • Stunning Graphics.
  • Intuitive User Interface.

Brick Breaker Anubis compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and available at BlackBerry World™.

Brick Breaker Anubis

BlackBerry 10 launched!

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BlackBerry® 10 has officially launched! For the past year we’ve been working hard to make already published apps compatible with the new OS and to create new apps specially for BlackBerry® 10! We’re proud to say that today we have the stunning number of 89 apps, 12 games and 1,610 audiobooks available for BlackBerry® 10! Whether you want to Learn Chinese, play Space Missiles or want to listen to the exciting Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with our broad selection of apps we’ve got something in store for everyone! Check out all our apps here.

Of course we won’t stop coding, in fact we already have some exciting new apps & games in the pipeline! We’re looking forward to a new exciting generation of applications: the BlackBerry® 10 generation!

12 brand new BlackBerry 10 Apps & Games Released!

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We’ve released 12 all new apps & games for BlackBerry® 10. Varying from financial apps to old school games, there’s something there for everyone. Check out real-time stock quotes with our Stocks Pro app, find real estate in the United Kingdom with UK Property Finder or play the classic Go game. Please find below an overview of all our BlackBerry® 10 applications:

All above mentioned apps & games above are compatible with BlackBerry® 10

New for BlackBerry PlayBook: Solitaire Pro!

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We’ve released an all new game for BlackBerry® PlayBook™: Solitaire Pro. This timeless PC classic is now available on the go! Complete with HD graphics and smooth animations this game will provide you with hours of playing fun. Complete the game in as little moves as possible!

Solitaire Pro is compatible with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 2.0 and up.

Solitaire Pro

New update for Tiles!

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We’ve updated Tiles for BlackBerry® Dev Alpha. In the new update we’ve fixed bugs and we’ve updated the app icon according to the updated BlackBerry® 10 user interface guidelines. Tiles is a fun game that’ll keep you busy for hours. The goal is to clear a field of colored tiles in as little moves as possible. The cleared field connects tiles of the same color; plan your moves carefully.


  • Three difficulty levels.
  • High Resolution images.

Tiles is compatible with BlackBerry® Dev Alpha.


Tiles for BlackBerry® 10 Devices

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We’re working hard on developing applications for the upcoming BlackBerry® 10. The first result of this approach is our new game for BlackBerry® 10 Devices: Tiles. The aim of the game is to clear a field filled with tiles in 6 different colors in as little moves as possible, you can remove tile by touching them. Connected tiles with the same color will be removed in a single move. The cleared field connects each same colored tile, so plan your moves carefully! There are 3 different difficulty levels to choose from. Start at the bottom and work your way up to maximize the fun! Tiles is available for $0.99 at BlackBerry App World™.


  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Eyecatching Graphics
  • BlackBerry® 10 Exclusive

Tiles is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 devices.


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