WorldDicts now available for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones!

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WorldDict French
We’ve released WorldDict applications for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. There are 5 WorldDicts available: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Thanks to the WorldDicts you’ll have a full-sized, on-device dictionary available anytime you need it. Complete with a simple and easy to use interface and a low foot print, the WorldDict series are the perfect linguistic reference application available for BlackBerry® 10.


  • Dictionary is 100% on device
  • Highly compressed dictionary data
  • Detailed word definitions
  • Multiple meanings for a word
  • Intuitive user interface

All WorldDicts are compatible with BlackBerry® Legacy OS, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and BlackBerry® 10.

WorldDict French WorldDict German WorldDict Spanish
WorldDict Portuguese WorldDict Italian

Talk Thai Phrasebooks now available for Android devices!

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We’ve released an all new Talking Phrasebook for Android devices: Talk Thai! With more than 290 useful phrases and key words, split into 14 categories, this little gem is your number 1 language aid when traveling through the Kingdom of Thailand. Either let your phone say it in fluent Thai for you, or use Talk Thai to perfect your pronunciation. Once cached, the sentences can be played without network connection.

Available Source Languages


  • 290+ everyday phrases.
  • 14 categories.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • No network needed after caching audio files.

Talk Thai Phrasebooks are compatible with all devices running Android OS 1.6 and up.

Talk Thai – Phrasebook for English  

European Talking Phrasebooks for English for Android™ Mobile Devices

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This week we’re releasing multiple Talking Phrasebooks for English on the Android™ platform. The summer holiday period has arrived and if you’re going to Europe on vacation, these are the apps for you:

  • Talk Bavarian – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Dutch – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk German – Phrasebook for English
  • Talk Russian – Phrasebook for English
  • In addition to Talk French, which we released a week ago, these Talking Phrasebooks will help you find your way around Europe. Our Talking Phrasebooks contain over 290 useful phrases in 14 different categories. For those who don’t want to explore the different categories, we’ve created a search function. Simply type in a few keywords to have the phrase pop up. All phrases are displayed in English and their respective alternate language. After selecting a phrase you can of course try to master it yourself, or you could let your phone do the talking! Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you should always take a Talking Phrasebook with you. Get the Talking Phrasebooks for $1.99 a piece on Google Play.


    • Over 290 Phrases
    • 14 Different Categories
    • Useful Search Function
    • Marks all previously used Phrases
    • Cache Phrases for Offline use

    Talking Phrasebooks for English are compatible with all Mobile Devices running Android 1.6 and up.

    Talk Bavarian Phrasebook Talk Dutch Phrasebook Talk German Phrasebook Talk Russian Phrasebook

    Easy Translations with WorldDict German 2.0 for all BlackBerry Smartphones

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    WorldDict German 2.0 for BlackBerry Version 2.0

    WorldDict German (formerly known as BerryDict German) is now available in version 2.0. WorldDict German provides an on-device dictionary that runs on any BlackBerry® Smartphone and allows to look up English words in German.

    Comprehensive English to German dictionary.

    New in WorldDict German 2.0

    • User interface redesigned
    • Full touch-screen compatibility: including the brand new BlackBerry® Torch 9800
    • Faster translation search
    • Minor bug fixes

    More information: WorldDict German 2.0 for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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