Happy Valentine’s Day with Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry 10

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Easy Smiley Pack
S4BB Limited wishes you all a happy Valentine’s Day! If you want to surprise your sweetheart with a special message today, we got the perfect application for you: Easy Smiley Pack. Customize your BBM™ romance with over 820 emoticons, ASCII art images and flags. Add some love to your BBM™ status and messages today, with Easy Smiley Pack for free today!


  • 820+ Smileys, flags, and ASCII art images in total now.
  • 470+ Smileys.
  • 210+ new country flags added.
  • 150+ ASCII art images added.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger status customization.
  • Digit to digit box translation.
  • Plugs into BlackBerry® Messenger through BBM™ Connected.
  • Complete instructions.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger can be launched out of application.
  • Easy usage.

Easy Smiley Pack is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry® Legacy OS and available for free at BlackBerry World™.

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Easy Smiley Pack

BatteryWatch 1.7 for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

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S4BB Limited just released an update to BatteryWatch 1.7 for all BlackBerry® Smartphones. BatteryWatch is one of the most popular free applications and is downloaded over 250,000 times.

New Features:

  • Smaller Footprint: Runs in background without icon.
  • Re-designed User Interface: New fancy battery power status and color codes were integrated. (red, yellow and green).
  • Over Time Battery Status Tracker: Line chart visualization of battery state by day, week, month.
  • Running out of Battery Warnings: Adjustable warnings, alarms and LED notifications as well as a BatteryWatch icon with a red star in your notification bar.
  • Sound Notification: Audio notification for charging started, completed and running low in battery available in 8 voices to choose from.

More information: BatteryWatch for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Update of BatteryWatch 1.6 for BlackBerry Smartphones

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BatteryBooster for BlackBerry Version 2.0

S4BB Limited has just released the free application BatteryWatch 1.6 with some new features! Please take a look below for more details. Get it now on BlackBerry® App World and MobiHand for free!

BatteryWatch gives you an overview of the battery status modes and more.

New in BatteryWatch 1.6

  • User interface redesigned
  • Auto refresh of battery data every 5 seconds
  • Battery temperature: Celsius and Fahrenheit visualization support

More information: BatteryWatch for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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