Choose your Country Store with the new update for Search for Amazon

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Search for Amazon
We’ve released a new update for Search for Amazon for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. Thanks to the new update you can now select your country store: Amazon USA or Amazon UK. We’ll soon extend the country store options with Amazon Germany and many more. Search for Amazon is now also compatible with BlackBerry® Q10. Browse Amazon for your favorite products with the touch of a button.


  • Access Amazon directly from your home screen.
  • Choose your Country Store.
  • Intuitive User Interface.
  • Small footprint.

Search for Amazon is compatible with BlackBerry® Z10 & Q10.

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Search for Amazon

Get CIA World Factbook 2013 for BlackBerry & Android

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CIA World Factbook 2013Going on holiday and want to read up on your destination? Then we have the perfect app for you: CIA World Factbook 2013! Filled with information on over 270 countries and territories you’ll be able to read up on your destination on-the-go. Once cached, you can access the information any time. Thanks to integrated search, finding the right information is a piece of cake.

Read up on Culture, People, Economy, Climate and much more with CIA World Factbook 2013, for BlackBerry® and Android.


  • Data for more than 270 countries and territories
  • Easy to navigate: just start typing the name of the country you’re looking for
  • Once a country / region has been cached, no further internet connection is required (thus no data plan or roaming charges in foreign countries)
  • Read up on your destination on-the-go


Get information about 270 countries & regions onto your BlackBerry or Android Smartphone!

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Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry SmartphonesS4BB Limited just updated CIA World Factbook for BlackBerry® and Android Smartphones.
A perfect app for those who travel on a regular basis, go on holiday abroad or are just interested in other countries. The new version of CIA World Factbook provides detailed information based on the latest 2012 data for more than 270 countries and territories by the Central Intelligence Agency! This is the best source for country information right in your hand!  


  • Easy Search: Start typing and you find the country you’re looking for.
  • Easy Navigation: Hot-keys and touch support for navigating in the content area.
  • On-Device Caching: Once downloaded country and territory information is cached on the device. When you are roaming in a foreign country, no Internet connection or data transfer is required.
  • NEW: Latest 2012 data: Directly pulled from the CIA, the World Factbook provides up-to-date information anywhere at any time!


  • All BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 5.0 and up.


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