Battery Watch is Fully Compatible with BlackBerry Priv

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S4BB Limited announces full compatibility of their popular Battery Watch app with the brand new BlackBerry Priv.

Many loyal BlackBerry users love the Battery Watch app and use it for many years on their BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. With the launch of the Priv by BlackBerry, a great Android-powered smartphone has entered BlackBerry’s handset portfolio. S4BB Limited strives to make their products available for all users on all important platforms. Therefore, Battery Watch is now available for the BlackBerry Priv as it has been available for all other in-market BlackBerry devices.

Battery Watch puts a smile on your face – every time you plug in your power cable, every time your charging has completed and every time your device is running low in battery.

44 Funny Voices lighten up your power drain pain.

  • Battery Watch Features:
    View Battery Percentage in any app (via notification bar)
    Know your battery status while charging
    See if your phone is overheating
    Get notified when you’re running out of juice
    Get a voice alert when you’re fully charged — thus, avoid over charging
    Find out how long it takes to charge or discharge your phone
    Find out additional details of your device like manufacturer, model, Android version, build number, voltage (incl. min and max values)

Battery Watch for BlackBerry Priv can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Get it at Google Play

BlackBerry 10 users can download Battery Watch from BlackBerry World as well as from the Amazon App Store.

Learn English, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish Available on BlackBerry Priv

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2015-11-17_launch-priv_600Yesterday, we have announced the re-launch of our 5 popular learn apps on Google Play for all Android phones and tablets.

Today, we would like to emphasize that our popular language learning apps Learn English, Learn Chinese, Learn French, Learn Italian and Learn Spanish are fully compatible with the BlackBerry Priv and are now available for purchase on Google Play. 

All 5 apps can be accessed here:

Let’s all learn a new language and expand our horizon about peoples. In the end, by learning their language you understand their culture.

Get it at Google Play

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