FlipSilent for BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 released

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S4BB Limited just released the final version of FlipSilent for BlackBerry® Storm™ and Storm2™. FlipSilent provides the coolest way to mute your phone by just flipping it when a call is incoming.


  • Flip the phone to silent.
  • More incoming calls will be silent too.
  • Flip the phone back and the normal profile reactivated.
  • Activate or deactivate FlipSilent whenever you want.
  • Works flawlessly after device reboot/reset.
  • Silence the phone with elegance (i.e. in a meeting).
  • Exclusively for BlackBerry® Storm™ and Storm2™.
  • Watch FlipSilent on YouTube: FlipSilent Demo Video
    Website: FlipSilent for BlackBerry® Storm™ and Storm2™

    MessageForward 1.5 and MessageSchedule 2.0 Updates

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    S4BB Limited just updated MessageForward to version 1.5 and MessageSchedule to version 2.0.

    MessageForward automatically forwards incoming SMS text message to any email mailbox. Multiple mailboxes are supported as well.

    New in MessageForward 1.5

    • Email service to be used for sending out message can be selected now. So the right email service is used for forwarding a message.

    Website: MessageForward for BlackBerry®

    MessageSchedule allows to send SMS text or email messages at a certain date and time. A sending log keeps track of all messages that have been sent out with MessageSchedule, and templates make the life easier by saving often used messages (including recipient information).

    New in MessageSchedule 2.0

    • Email service to be used for sending out message can be selected now. So the right email service is used for sending a message.
    • Schedule messages to be sent out regularly on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    Website: MessageSchedule for BlackBerry®

    RotationLock for BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 now released

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    RotationLock in Messages
    S4BB Limited just released RotationLock for BlackBerry® Storm™ and Storm 2™. Did you ever felt annoyed by the automatic tilt of your BlackBerry® Storm™ when you were writing an email? With RotationLock it is now possible to lock the screen of a particular application to portrait or landscape mode.

    Core Features

    • RotationLock adds a menu item to all application on your device which will either allow you to “Unlock Screen” and “Lock Screen”.
    • RotationLock is designed specifically for the Storm™. It works on all Blackberry® native apps and many more.
    • Compose emails in landscape mode or browse memos in portrait mode or any way you wish!

    Watch a demonstration video of RotationLock now!

    Instant Download: RotationLock for BlackBerry® Storm™ Series

    DataBackup Beta 3 Now Available in Open Beta Program

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    DataBackup for BlackBerry Wireless Handheld - The best backup tool for BlackBerry!
    S4BB Limited just released a new beta version of the incredibly popular application DataBackup for BlackBerry. With DataBackup you back up private data like contacts, memos, tasks and more to the media card. A free and open to everyone beta test is currently running. We invite everyone who is interested to join and check out DataBackup!

    New features since version 0.0.4 (BETA 3):

    • Tasks backup & restore.
    • Calendar Events backup & restore.
    • Emails backup & restore.
    • Restore List: shows all previously created backup files for easy selection and restore.
    • Backup location: choose the backup directory.
    • Backup medium: media card and internal memory supported.
    • Restore Detection: automatic detection which content is in a backup.
    • Restore Selection: choose which data to restore (memos, tasks, … or all).
    • Progress Bar: shows the progress during backup.
    • Step-by-Step: backup and restore screens. Keep it simple!
    • User interface improved:
      • New program icon.
      • Font size is now adjustable over all screens.
      • Progress bars now pop up.
      • Layout in backup and restore screens simplified.
    • Minor user interface issues have been fixed.

    Free and Open Beta Program: DataBackup for BlackBerry

    AppInfoRevealed Now Available for Free Download

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    AppInfoRevealed for BlackBerry®
    AppInfoRevealed for BlackBerry
    AppInfoRevealed for BlackBerry

    Did you ever wanted to know more about the applications you are using? »AppInfoRevealed« allows you to get information about any application installed on your BlackBerry®.


    • Get information about apps and games.
    • Know who are you dealing with.
    • Shows all information about an application and its dependent modules.
    • Easy installation.

    How to use:

    • Install the application (links below).
    • Reboot your device.
    • Within any application open the menu and hit “AppInfo”.


    • “AppInfo” menu item appears only after device reset.
    • “AppInfo” menu item appears in third party applications when device is running BlackBerry® OS 4.6.1 or later.

    Get desktop and OTA installation files via EMail: Free BlackBerry Software Download Button

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