Lock Apps for BlackBerry OS updated

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We’ve updated Lock Apps for BlackBerry® OS. The update fixes reported bugs and enhances the overall performance of the application.

Lock Apps are the perfect solution if you want to prevent nosy friends and family going through your phone. Protect apps like BBM™, Whatsapp, email and many more with a password. For just $0.99 you can upgrade to Application Lock Pro, allowing you to protect 28 different applications from within 1 app. All Lock Apps are compatible with BlackBerry® OS.


  • Lock specific application (multiple apps with Application Lock Pro).
  • Set up a secure password.
  • Cool sounds effects when entering right & wrong password.
  • Presets to grant different rights per user (e.g. girlfriend, children etc.).

All Lock Apps are compatible with BlackBerry® OS.

Application Lock Pro

2 Billion App Entries Blocked with Lock Apps for BlackBerry!

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This weekend, our Lock Apps reached the milestone of a combined TWO BILLION (2,000,000,000!) blocked app entries!. Thanks to these apps you’ll be able to protect your apps with a password from unwanted eyes. There are 28 free Lock Apps available. If you prefer to lock your apps from within one application, you can for just $0.99 with Application Lock Pro. For an overview of all the free Lock Apps, click here.

Features Application Lock Pro

  • Lock any app
  • 5 predefined presets
  • Customize and add presets
  • Choose your own passwords

All Lock Apps are compatible with BlackBerry® OS7.

Application Lock Pro

Rotation Lock 2.0 – control your screen position!

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RotationLock for BlackBerry Smartphones - Splash Screen
Are you tired of your screen rotating at the moment you don’t want it to? Do you want to control your screen orientation yourself? Then Rotation Lock 2.0 for BlackBerry® is the ideal application for you! Rotation Lock 2.0 allows you to lock your screen in the current orientation it’s in. The new version comes with some great new features and significant improvements of already existing features.


  • Lock & unlock screen position
  • For Storm & Torch
  • Lock screen in any position you want
  • Improved support for devices running BlackBerry® OS 5.0 and higher


  • BlackBerry® Storm I, Storm II and Torch running OS 5.0 and higher

More information: RotationLock for BlackBerry® Smartphones

RotationLock for BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 now released

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RotationLock in Messages
S4BB Limited just released RotationLock for BlackBerry® Storm™ and Storm 2™. Did you ever felt annoyed by the automatic tilt of your BlackBerry® Storm™ when you were writing an email? With RotationLock it is now possible to lock the screen of a particular application to portrait or landscape mode.

Core Features

  • RotationLock adds a menu item to all application on your device which will either allow you to “Unlock Screen” and “Lock Screen”.
  • RotationLock is designed specifically for the Storm™. It works on all Blackberry® native apps and many more.
  • Compose emails in landscape mode or browse memos in portrait mode or any way you wish!

Watch a demonstration video of RotationLock now!

Instant Download: RotationLock for BlackBerry® Storm™ Series

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