New update for Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry 10

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Petrol Usage Tracker
We’ve released a new update for Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. In the new update we support 3 units of measurements: Metric, UK Imperial & US Imperial. We’ve also added a notes functionality allowing you to add details to your top-up like gas station name, fuel sub-type (Octane 98, Octane 95 etc.) and more.

Petrol Usage Tracker is the perfect application to keep track of your fuel consumption, your average fuel use and how much money you spend on fuel. Download Petrol Usage Tracker for free today at BlackBerry World™.


  • Profile Management
  • Average Consumption
  • Average Expenses
  • Native BlackBerry® 10 Interface
  • All currencies supported, 139 in total
  • Mile per gallon calculations
  • NEW: 3 units of measurement supported: Metric, UK Imperial & US Imperial
  • NEW: Add notes to your top-ups

Petrol Usage Tracker is compatible with the BlackBerry® Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 & P9982.

Free Download
Free Petrol Usage Tracker

WorldDialer 2.1 now with Enterprise Administration Panel

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WorldDialer 2.1 now with BES Administration Panel
WorldDialer (formerly known as BerryDialer) is now available in version 2.1. Research has shown that up to 80% on calling costs can be saved by using calling cards for IDD or long distance calls. WorldDialer integrates well with the BlackBerry® Address Book and Call Log to provide convenient ways to use calling cards for such calls.

End users can now get WorldDialer for $9.99 by instant OTA or desktop download.

Enterprises can use WorldDialer to cut their costs on such IDD and long distance calls by using alternative calling services. With WorldDialer 2.1 S4BB Limited introduces the unique WorldDialer Enterprise Administration Panel which integrates with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server®. It is now possible to control calling card / service configurations on all WorldDialer clients installed on all BlackBerry® Smartphones within the BES® network. For more information on this please visit the WorldDialer Enterprise Page.

Website: WorldDialer for BlackBerry®

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