Bitcoin BTC Charts updated

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App StalkerOur Bitcoin BTC Charts application has been updated to a new version! The update fixes a variety of bugs and improves the usability of the app greatly! The value per Bitcoin increased tremendously lately and is currently situated just below $1,000 USD! Bitcoin BTC Charts is the perfect application to keep track of the Bitcoin exchange rates and the value of one’s own Bitcoin assets.


  • Exchange rates for the most used cryptocurrency
  • Shows Bitcoin exchange rates in 25 different currencies
  • Always the latest exchange rates by tapping the ‘Update Rate’ button

Bitcoin BTC Charts is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.

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Bitcoin BTC Charts

New update for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry 10

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Barcode Scanner
We’ve released a new update for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones! The new update is especially handy if you pay (or get paid) in Bitcoins and Litecoins, as the new update supports QR codes for both currencies. Besides that you can now also scan BBM™ Channel QR Codes easy and convenient with Barcode Scanner. Start scanning today, with Barcode Scanner for free!


  • Recognized content types:
    • Contact info: save to address book, or directly compose an email or call phone number.
    • Calendar Event: add event to calendar.
    • URL: open website in browser.
    • Email content: compose email.
    • Phone number: call phone number or add to address book.
    • BBM™ pins: invite to BBM™.
    • Geo Location: show location on BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to that location using BlackBerry® Maps.
    • Plain Text: copy to clipboard.
    • SMS: copy to clipboard.
    • WiFi: copy SSID or password to clipboard.
    • BlackBerry World™: open BlackBerry World™ links directly in BlackBerry World™.
    • NEW: Bitcoin, address, value and label.
    • NEW: Litecoin, address, value and label.
    • NEW: BBM™ Channel, join information
  • Recognized barcode formats: Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, QR Code, UPC-A &UPC-E.
  • Interactive User Interface
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS integration
  • History List functionality

Barcode Scanner is compatible BlackBerry® 10. A slim version of Barcode Scanner is also available for BlackBerry® Legacy OS.

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Barcode Scanner

Check out our Premium BlackBerry 10 apps

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S4BB Limited
Naturally, you only want the best apps for your BlackBerry® Smartphones. Apps that work, look beautiful and preferably for free. We understand that, and we’ve been working hard to bring you the very best apps for BlackBerry® Legacy OS, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and BlackBerry® 10. Recently our efforts were rewarded with the People’s Choice Award for Barcode Scanner in the Application Contest for BlackBerry® 10 Hong Kong.

The reason why our apps for BlackBerry® 10 are so outstanding, is that we design our apps originally for BlackBerry® 10. That’s right, no Android ports or web apps! We build our BlackBerry® 10 apps from the ground up. We’ll continue creating awesome BlackBerry® 10 apps and we have some exiting new apps in the pipeline.

Check out all our premium BlackBerry® 10 apps & games:

All above listed apps are compatible with BlackBerry® Z10 and Q10 and are all available at BlackBerry World™.

S4BB Apps in the Media – 22 April Roundup

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Theme & Bitcoin BTC Charts
We’ve been quite busy the past weeks, bringing you fresh content as well as updates for already published apps. Check out the reviews on our apps and updates below:

BerryIndo (in Bahasa Indonesian)

BlackBerryItalia (in Italian) (in Dutch)





TechSmart Magazine


Want to get the apps you’ve been reading about? You can get them all at BlackBerry World™:

New for BlackBerry 10: Bitcoin BTC Charts!

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Bitcoin BTC Charts
Recently Bitcoins have been prominently in the news, gaining more and more popularity, you might even own some Bitcoins. We have now released an application providing you with real-time Bitcoin exchange rates: Bitcoin BTC Charts for BlackBerry®. Convert Bitcoins to the currency of your preference, and the other way around. Better yet, Bitcoin BTC Charts is available for free at BlackBerry World™.


  • Convert Bitcoins to your preferred currency.
  • Convert your preferred currency to Bitcoins.
  • Set custom quantities.
  • Intuitive User Interface.

Bitcoin BTC Charts is compatible with BlackBerry® Z10

Bitcoin BTC Charts

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