New Smart WiFi Update for Android

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Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones - Splash Screen
S4BB Limited just updated Smart WiFi for Android. We’ve improved Smart WiFi and made this application even more efficient. Thanks to the new update it uses now less battery power and performs better.

Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones allows you to manage your WiFi connectivity. This application switches the WiFi function off whenever you leave a saved WiFi location and switches back on when you enter (another) saved WiFi location. As the WiFi function on any phone is one of the largest energy consumers, you can imagine how much battery time you save by using Smart WiFi.


  • Remembers up to 100 WiFi locations.
  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when a WiFi zone is left
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • Less battery consumption.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • All Smartphones running Android 2.1 and up

More information: Smart WiFi for Android Smartphones

BatteryBooster 2.2 for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

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BatteryBooster 2.2 Main Screen Shot
S4BB Limited just updated BatteryBooster to version 2.2 for BlackBerry® Smartphones. The new version is better than ever and improves your BlackBerry® battery life more than ever without any loss in quality of service.

The free update to version 2.2 of BatteryBooster for BlackBerry® Smartphones comes with the following changes:

  • Full call support (no radio off at low signal when call is active)
  • Full bedside mode support
  • Bundled SmartWiFi updated to version 1.7
  • Minor bug fixes

More information: BatteryBooster for BlackBerry® Smartphones

SmartWiFi 1.7 for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

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SmartWiFi for BlackBerry Version 1.7.9

S4BB Limited is proud to announce the update to SmartWiFi. Packed with 3 completely new features and 17 improvements, this update is FREE for all our SmartWiFi existing users.

SmartWiFi intelligently saves battery on your BlackBerry® by actively managing the WiFi. The revolution in battery power optimization!

New Features in SmartWiFi 1.7

    Auto-add newly connected WiFi Location
    WiFi Activity Log: track SmartWiFi efficiency
    Same SSID hotspots can be treated as one WiFi Location (optional)

Improved in SmartWiFi 1.7

    More details in WiFi Location list
    More cell information details
    User interface redesigned
    Several minor bug fixes
    Full BlackBerry Torch 9800 compatibility

More information: SmartWiFi 1.7 for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Updated BlackBerry Applications: MemoryBooster, SmartWiFi and ScreenShot

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S4BB Limited just updated some application: SmartWiFi 1.6, ScreenShot 1.5, MemoryBooster 3.2. Please see below for more details about the updates.

SmartWiFi 1.6 – Changes

  • Better CDMA phone support.
  • Bug fix in cell handling.
  • Improved GSM/GPRS phone support with better cell handling.

More information: SmartWiFi for BlackBerry® Smartphones

ScreenShot 1.5 – Changes

  • More image formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF.
  • Options: accessible via “BlackBerry Options” – “ScreenShot Options”.
  • Selectable “screen taken” notification: dialog, sound, vibration.
  • Adjustable delay before screen shot is taken.
  • File name conventions: custom prefix and suffix, current date and time can be added to the file name automatically.
  • Automatic directory detection.
  • Manual directory setting: i.e. screen shots can be stored in “media card – myVeryOwnScreenShots”.

More information: ScreenShot for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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MemoryBooster 3.2 – Changes

  • “Best Practice Presets” for background boosting.
  • German language support.

More information: MemoryBooster for BlackBerry® Smartphones

SmartWiFi 1.5 released

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SmartWiFi for BlackBerry
S4BB Limited just released SmartWiFi for BlackBerry®. Did you know that your BlackBerry® wastes a lot of energy by searching for WiFi networks? For example, when you are on the move and not connected to any of your configured WiFi networks. See how it works, watch the video.

SmartWiFi is the smartest way to save battery on your BlackBerry®! The revolution in battery power optimization!

SmartWiFi Features

  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when no needed.
  • Remembers the WiFi locations you use.
  • Up to 100 WiFi locations supported!
  • Powers WiFi back on when you are back at WiFi coverage.
  • Saves battery by avoiding to constantly check for available WiFi hotspots.
  • Displays useful information: BSSID, SSID, Data Rate, Radio Band & Signal Level.
  • Supported mobile devices: GSM / GPRS, CDMA and iDEN.

More information: SmartWiFi for BlackBerry

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