New version of Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry 10 available

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Barcode Scanner
We’ve released an all new update for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry® 10. The new update has a beautifully redesigned user interface and now fully integrates within the BlackBerry® 10 OS. Recognizing various content types, you can invoke actions depending on the barcode content. For example, when scanning a Geolocation QR Code, you can now directly display the location in BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to the scanned location within BlackBerry® Maps! Thanks to the history list function you can look up any barcode content you scanned in the past.


  • Recognized content types:
    • Contact info: save to address book, or directly compose an email or call phone number.
    • Calendar Event: add event to calendar.
    • URL: open website in browser.
    • Email content: compose email.
    • Phone number: call phone number or add to address book.
    • BBM™ pins: invite to BBM™.
    • Geo Location: show location on BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to that location using BlackBerry® Maps.
    • Plain Text: copy to clipboard.
    • SMS: copy to clipboard.
    • WiFi: copy SSID or password to clipboard.
  • Recognized barcode formats: Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, QR Code, UPC-A &UPC-E.
  • Interactive User Interface
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS integration
  • History List functionality

The new version of Barcode Scanner is compatible BlackBerry® 10. A slim version of Barcode Scanner is also available for BlackBerry® OS.

Free Download
Barcode Scanner

Signal Booster update for BlackBerry® Smartphones

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Signal Booster 3.1.0
Recently we have been focusing on improving our apps. Hence, we’ve released a free update for Signal Booster. Now you can upgrade your Signal Booster to version 3.1.0. The update increases the effectiveness of the app, and also improved the stability by fixing minor bugs. Available now, for free, on BlackBerry App World™

What’s new:

  • Improved stability
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Minor bug fixes


SignalBooster for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

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SignalBooster for BlackBerry Version 1.1

S4BB Limited just released SignalBooster for BlackBerry® Smartphones. SignalBooster can boost your weak or lost signal with just one click! Improved signal strength means faster transfer speed on all your data communication devices and crisp voice quality on your mobile phones.

SignalBooster boosts your reception with just one touch.

Core Features

  • Optimizes BlackBerry® radio usage.
  • No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than everything else!
  • No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
  • Instant feedback on reception gain.

How it works:

By clicking the “Boost Signal!” button your voice, data and Internet connections are being reset. The best possible reception is chosen for the new signal and then all your connections come up again automatically. You will see a summary dialog of what just happened and how much performance you gained.

More information: SignalBooster for BlackBerry Smartphones

Network Traffic Control Beta 2 for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

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S4BB Limited just released Network Traffic Control Beta 2 for BlackBerry® Smartphones. New features and a lot of improved were only possible because our fantastic beta testing crowd gave us such great feedback – kudos!

New Features and Changes:

  • Completely re-designed main screen with more information about your data traffic:
    • Radio traffic in, out and total today
    • WiFi traffic in, out and total today
    • Radio traffic in, out and total this month
    • WiFi traffic in, out and total this month
  • Traffic separation* between WiFi usage and data plan (network carrier) usage
  • Billing setup
    • Over-usage alarm (de)activation
    • First day of month of your telephone bill (this helps to calculate charges within a billing cycle)
    • Packages traffic (i.e. you have a 10 MB BlackBerry® Data Plan)
    • Price per KB thereafter (i.e. traffic charges when you use more than 10 MB of your data plan)
    • Maximum traffic fee (i.e. if you are OK to spend $10 on traffic more per month, you will get a notification when your monthly traffic is over $10)
  • Global over-usage notification
    • Homescreen notification icon: You will now see an “over-usage” icon in your BlackBerry® homescreen, you are over your monthly traffic maximum.
    • Global dialog notification: Whatever you are using right now and you exceed the traffic limit, a dialog will pop up and show a notification about traffic “over-usage”.
  • Runtime improvement: Network Traffic Control now runs in background without program icon. This saves a lot of resources and eventually makes your device faster.
  • Minor bug fixes

More information: Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Protect your data with EmergencyWipe 2.0

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EmergencyWipe for BlackBerry Version 2.0

S4BB Limited just released EmergencyWipe in version 2.0 with stunning new features. EmergencyWipe secures your private data from unauthorized access. If you are in a situation you need to quickly erase the confidential data of your BlackBerry our EmergencyWipe for BlackBerry® will help you.

EmergencyWipe secures your private data from unauthorized access.

New in EmergencyWipe 2.0

  • User interface redesigned
  • Wipe: contacts, tasks, events, call log, memos, categories, emails, PIN messages
  • Wipe all
  • Full language support for English, German, French, Cantonese, Mandarin.

More information: EmergencyWipe 2.0 for BlackBerry® Smartphones

DataBackup Beta 4 Available in Open Beta Program

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DataBackup for BlackBerry Wireless Handheld - The best backup tool for BlackBerry!
DataBackup for BlackBerry® BETA 4 is now available with new features bug fixes. Please continue to support our beta test and we invite everyone who is interested to join and check out DataBackup!

New features since version 0.1.7 (BETA 4):

  • Feature add: backup & restore of categories.
  • Feature add: backup & restore of phone call log.
  • Feature add: wipe data before restore (optional).
  • Feature add: use current ISO date as default file name (can be adjusted in options).
  • Feature add: report for items that could not be backed up.
  • Feature add: periodic backups added (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Feature add: background color customizable.
  • Change:: general user interface improvements.
  • Change:: splash screen added.
  • Change:: better error handling.
  • Bug Fix:: email backup did crash.
  • Bug Fix:: task backup/restore; priority was wrong.
  • Bug Fix:: minor bug fixes.

Free and Open Beta Program: DataBackup for BlackBerry

Network Traffic Control Open Beta Started

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Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry
We have just started the free and open beta of Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry® smartphones. It is now very easy to track the network traffic your device consumes per day or per month.

New features since version 0.0.4 (BETA 1):

  • Important Notice: This is a very early BETA version. Data integrity and accuracy can NOT be guaranteed!.
  • Tracking Traffic: Tracking the network needs to be activated manually. Note: only the amount of traffic is tracked. No traffic content is tracked at any time.
  • Daily Traffic: On the main screen you can see the daily traffic.
  • Monthly Traffic: Via “menu » Monthly traffic” you can view the monthly used up traffic (full month is only shown when traffic tracking was activated from the first onwards).

Supported BlackBerry® devices: 71xx, 87xx, 81xx Pearl, 82xx Pearl, 83xx Curve, 85xx Curve Series, 88xx, 89xx Curve, 90xx Bold, 95xx Storm, 96xx Tour, 97xx / Bold Series.

Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry®: Join the free and open beta program now!

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