Ziplorer for Legacy OS on discount this weekend only!

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This weekend we are offering a discount specially for BlackBerry® Legacy OS users: Ziplorer is on discount for just $0.99 for a limited time only!

Ziplorer is the perfect app to save memory on Legacy OS devices. The app allows to package files and entire folders into PKZip or GZip archives. This decreases the overall file size and thereby saves memory space! This particularly comes in handy when files need to be send via a network with limited data usage or slow connection speeds. Through the app, you can access the entire file system of your BlackBerry® Smartphone. This includes zipping or unzipping files from an installed SD card, giving the possibility to backup important data easily and on-the-go!


      • Access to internal device memory & installed microSD card
      • Zip and unzip any kind of files and directories including subdirectories
      • Decrease file and directory size
      • Output formats: PKZip & GZip

Ziplorer is compatible with BlackBerry® Legacy OS Smartphones.


Chinese New Year – 農曆新年 – Weekend Special: 12 Asian City Guides on discount

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Rio de Janeiro City GuideChinese New Year -農曆新年 – is around the corner and specially for this occasion we are offering City Guides for as many as 12 major Asian cities on discount. Only this weekend, City Guides for cities such as Hong KongSeoulTaipei and many more are available for just $0.99!

Our City Guides are the perfect app to bring with you on any trip. The Guides provide you with important data such as weather forecasts, maps, nightlife locations, restaurants, detailed descriptions of sights and lists of accommodations to guarantee best traveling experiences. Once the data has been cached, you can use the City Guide apps without the need for an internet connection!

Get these Asian City Guides while the offer lasts. This weekend only!


  • Current Weather Information
  • General City Information
  • Travel Information
  • Street-Level Maps
  • Navigation Information
  • Local News
  • Sightseeing Places
  • Restaurants and Nightlife Establishments
  • Local Currency (incl. currency converter)
  • General City Statistics

All City Guides are compatible with BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.


NextAction! now available for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

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We’ve released NextAction! for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. Implement the famous “Getting Things Done®” method and increase your productivity on-the-go. Add actions with a single click, and switch between contexts with the click of a button. Thanks to BlackBerry® 10 & PIM database support, NextAction! integrates seemingly with Microsoft Exchange. Start Getting Things Done® with NextAction! for BlackBerry® 10.


  • Natively built for the GTD® method
  • 1-click shortcut context switch, keystroke action creation, action save & action complete marking
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
  • Easy search in all listed actions
  • Quick view into action’s additional notes
  • Full active frame support (customizable content)
  • Shortcuts for efficiency (create action screen: ENTER
  • Shortcuts for Q5/10 devices for improved workflow
  • Context management: creating, editing, deleting, custom coloring

NextAction! is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry® Legacy OS Smartphones.


S4BB Apps in the Media – January 17 Roundup

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App Stalker & Down Tube
A new year, a fresh start! It’s time for the first Media roundup of 2014. We’ve updated many of our applications, and quite a few of them received Built for BlackBerry™ certification. Check out some of the reviews below: in Polish

Berry-wd in Arab in Russian



BlackBerryVietnam in Vietnamese in Russian

BlackBerry-FR in French




Want to download the apps you’ve been reading about? You can download them all at BlackBerry World™:

New smileys available for Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry 10

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Easy Smiley Pack
We’ve released a brand new update for our Easy Smiley Pack application for BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones. The new update features 70 new emoticons, bringing the counter to over 820 emoticons, ASCII art images and flags! Built for BlackBerry™ designated, Easy Smiley Pack is the perfect application to spice up your BBM™ conversations and status with 820+ smileys, ASCII art images and flags. Download Easy Smiley Pack today, for free!


  • 820+ Smileys, flags, and ASCII art images in total now.
  • 470+ Smileys.
  • 210+ new country flags added.
  • 150+ ASCII art images added.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger status customization.
  • Digit to digit box translation.
  • Plugs into BlackBerry® Messenger through BBM™ Connected.
  • Complete instructions.
  • BlackBerry® Messenger can be launched out of application.
  • Easy usage.

Easy Smiley Pack is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry® Legacy OS and available for free at BlackBerry World™.

Free Download
Easy Smiley Pack

Down Tube now Built for BlackBerry designated

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Down Tube
Down Tube has been Built for BlackBerry™ designated, guaranteeing a native BlackBerry® 10 experience and assuring you that this application meets the high standards on quality, performance and security set out by BlackBerry®. Down Tube is the perfect application for anyone who wants to watch YouTube, Metacafe or Vimeo videos without being interupted by buffer times. Preload your favorite videos to watch them later whenever you want.


  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe
  • Quick 1 button local caching / download
  • Instant video viewing with BlackBerry 10 media player integration
  • Multi-URL support (desktop, mobile, short URLs supports)
  • Integrated Notifications for updates & new videos

Down Tube is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.

Down Tube

Bitcoin BTC Charts updated

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App StalkerOur Bitcoin BTC Charts application has been updated to a new version! The update fixes a variety of bugs and improves the usability of the app greatly! The value per Bitcoin increased tremendously lately and is currently situated just below $1,000 USD! Bitcoin BTC Charts is the perfect application to keep track of the Bitcoin exchange rates and the value of one’s own Bitcoin assets.


  • Exchange rates for the most used cryptocurrency
  • Shows Bitcoin exchange rates in 25 different currencies
  • Always the latest exchange rates by tapping the ‘Update Rate’ button

Bitcoin BTC Charts is compatible with all BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones.

Free Download
Bitcoin BTC Charts

App Stalker received an update – now Built for BlackBerry certified

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App StalkerApp Stalker is yet another one of our applications to receive the quality assuring Built for BlackBerry designation! Additionally, we also updated the app to a new version. Users can now share their lists of discounted and free apps to their friends and even let them know about specific apps that dropped in price or became free. The update also fixes a variety of bugs, such as an error that made the user interface blink upon marking all apps as read.

App Stalker is the perfect app to find the best deals on BlackBerry World™, allowing to track featured, discounted and newly free apps! Simply tap on a desired app to be redirected to BlackBerry World™ and the download!


  • Allows to track apps on BlackBerry World™ in three categories:
    • Featured Apps (best apps in store)
    • Price Drop (discounted) Apps
    • Newly Free Apps (paid apps that turned free)
  • Instant redirection to BlackBerry World™ upon tapping a desired app
  • Optional push notifications to stay up-to-date with newly discounted and free apps
  • NEW: Share function for app lists and individual apps
  • Natively built for BlackBerry® 10

App Stalker is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry® Legacy OS.

Free Download
App Stalker

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